About Us

Interior Digital Design is a full service provider of home systems and technology. We design, engineer and install electronic systems for your home or business - enhancing security, convenience and entertainment.

At Interior Digital Design we believe that the customer satisfaction is the top priority. Before we take on a project we work with the home owner to fully understand their needs and expectations, discuss and understand the different options available and come to a solution that will fit the home owners lifestyle.

The job is not over when the installation is done. Interior Digital Design will be there to show you how to operate the equipment, answer any questions you may have and make those little adjustments when needed.

We believe that the best designs and technology are those that accomplish their tasks, are intuitive and easy to use, as well as fit seamlessly into your home. Whether you are the person who likes to hide all their electronics, or someone who likes to have it on display, they should never look out of place.

We select equipment only from reputable manufactures and form partnerships with leaders in the industry to bring you the best product at the best price. We fully stand by everything we sell. If we can't stand by it, we will not offer it as a solution.

Technology has changed drastically, and continues to change and evolve quicker than ever. Often in building or remodeling projects not all equipment and designs can be addressed fully or adequately by traditional contractors. Whether Interior Digital Design runs the project or not, they can help in make the right choices early on to help avoid dissatisfaction or costly changes. Consider Interior Digital Design you technology contractor- and get the job done right - the first time.


  ELAN Certified Installer                                                                                                 Lutron Certifed Installer
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