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Whole Home Audio

Have you ever wanted to walk around your home and your music follow you? Or share music in one room with any other room in your home?  With a touch of a button, select your favorite CD or radio station in one room, while others listen to something else in another room?  Whole Home Audio or (Multi-room Audio) can give you this freedom.

Whole home audio represents an entire category of home systems that can deliver music from a centralized system to multiple rooms throughout your home from multiple sources at the same time. Until recently, obtaining such an audio system meant spending a great deal of money.  Now there are systems that fit all budgets.

Whole Home Audio is one of the fastest growing-trends in home entertainment.  With equipment tucked away out of sight, in wall and in ceiling speakers, easy to use control pads which blend into any décor, it’s no wonder it is the hottest selling upgrade in any home system.

Interior Digital Design will work with you to establish a budget, guide you through the choices, advantages and disadvantages of the various systems, and help choose the right system for you.

Building a New Home? Renovating your Home?

Although there are solutions for existing homes, if you are renovating or building a new home, this is the best time to put in a Whole Home Audio System. Even if you have not yet decided which system is right for you, have your home pre-wired for a system in the future. Interior Digital Design will sit with you and work out what is the best pre-wire for your current needs and plan for changes as your needs evolve.

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