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Developing a system that meet the needs of you and your family requires the careful gathering of key information through a consultation.

At Interior Digital Design, we feel that any quality home system installation is a partnership with the home owner. A consultation is the crucial step in developing a relationship with the home owner, understanding the scope of the project, timeframe and budget.

Design and Engineering

Design is a crucial element in the development of a quality home system- not only in the design of the system itself, but how it integrates with other home systems and décor of the home. At Interior Digital Design systems are designed to meet the specifications of the home owner, to be easy to use and to allow change when needs change.

Regardless of the size and complexity of the system being installed in your home, detailed engineering is required not only to ensure the system performs as intended, but to ensure the system is robust and reliable.

Interior Digital Design, calibrates and thoroughly tests every system to ensure it meets design specifications and we fully stand behind the systems we install- offering comprehensive warranties and follow-ups on all systems installed.


Whether your home system was installed by Interior Digital Design or another company, we will diagnose and recommend upgrades and repair as needed. At Interior Digital Design we believe a customer is for life, and as needs change or problems arise, we will be there to help change, evolve and repair your home systems to meet your lifestyle needs.

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