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Home Theater

At a touch of a button, the lights dim, your screen bounces to life, you are immersed in sound and drawn into your favourite movie or sports match!

A Home Theatre brings the experience of going to a movie into the comfort of your own home. View high definition video and surround sound the way they were meant to be seen and heard.

Whether your building an dedicated home theater or optimizing your living room Interior Digital Design can customize a system to fit any budget.

Not everyone has the luxury of building a dedicated home theater, and not all living rooms are the perfect environments for your new big screen TV and surround sound system.

Let Interior Digital Design help layout the room, recommend equipment, lighting solutions, show you where to place the speakers for the best sound, then install and calibrate these systems to get the best picture and sound for your environment. Whether it's hiding the equipment and speakers or having them all out for display, we will work together to get the look you desire.

Home Theater Design

In designing a home theater many systems must be considered.

  • Room design and layout for best acoustics
  • Sound system - speaker placement and sound treatments
  • the screen size and projector placement
  • lighting design and control
  • the equipment

An engineer at Interior Digital Design we will manage the whole project or work with your interior designer and other industry professionals to design the home theater you desire.

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