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Lighting Control Systems

The lights in your home can do more than just turn on and off. With a touch of a button, whole rooms can dim and brighten automatically, set the mood for a romantic dinner or to curl up and watch a movie as the shades go down and the lights dim. Light up your whole house when you get home at night at a touch of a button- and turn all lights off when you go to bed.

In a lighting control sytems switches and dimmers are replaced with buttons on small keypads. These keypads can control one light or entire groups of lights located in the same room or scattered throughout the house. These systems are easy to use and bring convenience, energy savings and ambiance to any home.

Many different lighting control systems are available in many styles and budgets. Interior Digital Design will work with you or your interior designer to get you the look at feel you want.

Building a new Home

Although there are many systems and solutions available for existing homes, the best time to put in a lighting system is while your home is under construction. The more advanced and elegant systems can be installed when the walls are exposed allowing the flexibility to tie in contollers, fixtures and keypads.

Interior Digital Design will work with you, the designer, your builder and electrician to give you the system you desire.

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