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Video Distribution

Would you like to continue watching the movie that's on in the family room in your bedroom? See who is at the front door on the kitchen tv? Check on the kids in the backyard (they're on channel 121).

A well designed home video distribution system allows these conveniences and can be as easy to use as your tv is today.

Video distribution can be as simple as obtaining a decent quality cable signal at every TV in your home or perhaps you are thinking of adding cameras and a media server? Regardless of your needs, a designer at Interior Digital Design will work with you to establish a budget and get a top quality solution you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Media Servers

Media Servers are digital media hubs for all your home entertainment. TV, DVDs, CDs, Photos, Radio, all can be centrally stored and cataloged. The media server, along with an audio/video distribution system makes it easy to share this throughout your home. Download your favorite HD movie title and watch it on any tv in your home.

As more of these systems become availabe, Interior Digital Design can help you choose and install the right system for your home and budget.

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